On-Demand Cargo
Moving Your Cargo When You Need It

On-Demand Cargo

With more than two decades of experience, Savi Air is an expert in moving time-sensitive and critical cargo, in an effective and affordable manner. We successfully serve just-in-time manufacturers, perishables, livestock, live biomedical transportation, pharma and more!

Affordable, On‑Demand Cargo

Our experienced fleet of Beechcraft Turboliners can carry up to 3,000 lbs with a wide range of cargo capabilities.

Delivers Where Others Can’t

As a certified On-Demand carrier, we can access more airports in the U.S. than commercial air cargo carriers, including the Bahamas and the Carribean.

Short Notice?

We can be airborne within one hour of notification. We’re ready when you are. Ship your cargo confidently with Savi Air on‑demand.

Man Scanning Cargo on Pallet

On-Demand Cargo FAQs

We have assembled the most commonly asked questions about our On-Demand Cargo Service. If you do not see your question below, please call us at (561) 593-SAVI (7284), or submit your question using our contact form.

We offer affordable 24/7 service, on-demand. This includes last-minute calls.
There is no minimum weight. With Savi Air, you book the entire aircraft.
We can carry up to 1,363 kilos (3,000 lbs), depending on how far you wish to travel. Shippers tend to operate in kilo’s where we ship to… it might make it easier for them to understand. 3000 lbs =1,363 kilos. Fyi. 2.2 lbs per kilo.
The shipper must provide all shipping papers, invoices, hazmat declarations, itemized inventory of items shipped, customs forms, fees and related items.
Yes. Our barcode inventory system will be able to track your cargo that gets shipped. Our flights are all trackable online.